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Concierge Services for Well-Being

ACCCE guides the body's natural healing process by finding the client's physiological baseline to connect the mind and body through our integrated blueprint program.

We believe in healing from a variety of modalities that include life coaching, energy psychology, spiritual healing, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, exercise etc...  Our goal is to get the brain to a calmer state of mind where client's can become mindful of everyday living.  This allow sbetter decision making at work and at home to achieve a more fulfilling joylife.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Miss Jess, LCSW

Trained in Energy Psychology

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in the medical field as a Medical Social Worker (MSW) for over 10 years.  I received my master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from University of Southern California and received my Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) from Azusa Pacific University.  I am very passionate about helping people manage their stress and learning how to feel comfortable in their bodies.  Through my experience as MSW, I have worked and collaborated with various medical doctors, health care professionals and non-medical professionals. I specialize in Mindfulness, Spiritual Guidance and Energy Psychology, along with other therapeutic modalities.  I work with clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief loss, insomnia, maternal/ child issues (PPD), relationship /dating issues, creativity, life purpose, life transition and interpersonal issues.  I believe I empower my clients by teaching them the connection to the mind and body to teach them to get the brain in a calmer state where a client can have a path of well-being in their lives.

Client Testimonials


I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jess for an extended period of time. Her insight is truly unrivaled. Her demeanor is equally incredible. She has truly transformed my life and enabled me to obtain a remarkable perspective in life that can be used everyday, in every way. She is one of a kind and would recommend her services without hesitation.
B.V. - Attorney, Los Angeles


"Jean's ability to see and articulate issues anchored deeply within her clients is unparalleled. I had the privilege to work with her on various topics which helped me to experience several true break-throughs. But in particular I remember her impact on finding my true vocation...She is definitely one of the best coaches I have ever worked with."
Crista - Certified Life Coach, Switzerland


Ms. Jess is not only gifted, but she is the real deal. Working with her not only gives you insight, but works on a deeper level to help clear blocks and energies that are holding you back from experiencing the all that you truly desire to. When she started the reading, it was amazing, without me saying a word, she picked up on things that only I knew. It not only gave me validation and clarity, but also helped me heal the reason why it was a recurring pattern in my life. Ms. Jess is kind and caring, while being honest and straightforward. I am grateful for the work that she does and the help that she gave to me. Since working with her, I have a new confidence in myself and a brighter energy to be able to let shine in the world! Thank you Ms. Jess.

Vance - IT, Los Angeles


Last year, soon after a long-distance move and a career change, my marriage fell apart and I felt like my entire life was falling apart along with it. A friend introduced me to Jean and I cannot stress how instrumental Jean’s coaching was in getting my life back on track. A little over a year later, I’ve rediscovered who I am and what I want out of life. Jean helped me set goals and act on them. She used powerful visualizations and meditations to give me a sense of clarity about what happened in the past and what I want in the future. I’m now enjoying success at work and I’m challenging myself by learning new activities including sailing, Jiu Jitsu, cycling and running. I’m living the life I want and that is such a gift. Coaching with Jean has been incredible. The best decision you will ever make.

Aaron - Los Angeles


From our first meeting, Jean, quite quickly, created a safe space for me to share my story and helped me find the essence of what I wanted to work on and described how she would partner with me on this journey. I find that Jean has a gift of being very present and connected to her intuitive voice, that is spot on. Although she has a softness about her demeanor, I discovered that she also discerns quite quickly when I drift off in my conversation, to keep me on track or to ask questions to clarify what I am saying. I was also looking for a coach who is spiritual and found that Jean's spirituality is shown through her speaking from truth and compassion. I am almost 65 years old and I have to say, that she surprises me with her ability to mirror and reflect what I share with such fluidity. I would recommend Jean to anyone who is on a life journey, no matter what age. You would be sitting with someone who really cares and wants you to succeed.

Alice - Medical Professional
Los Angeles


Coach Jean is the “Real Deal”. She has a unique and intuitive style of coaching. She listens to what you’re saying, but also what you’re NOT saying. She’s helped me with my challenges and given me the insights that I couldn’t see on my own. I also get homework assignments from her. They are very useful and practical, which I don’t mind at all.
She has given me the tools that I needed and helped me with my progress, my journey. I can’t say enough about her commitment, honesty, (sometimes too honest!) sincerity, caring and wisdom. Thank you Coach Jean!
V.L. – Fitness Trainer, Los Angeles CA


Jean helps me navigate through EVERYTHING. She gives me practical tools to nurture and empower myself. She validates my experiences and thoughts. Under her guidance, we flush out deep-rooted struggles and find ways to address them with honesty, courage, and love. She doesn’t offer quick fixes, but her anecdotes, visualization techniques, and self-inquiry exercises encourage me to work through my obstacles. She has a great memory, and follows up with me in order to track my progress. I came to her feeling unbalanced, lost, stressed, and generally unhappy. Now, I’m able to look at my experiences with more clarity. Thanks to her coaching, my personal growth this past year has been tremendous.

Grace - Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles


I thought I was happy with a successful career as a physician working for a good company and earning good money. I felt unfulfilled. Purpose was missing. I met with Miss Jess and she helped awaken me. Life has purpose now. I am a happy person. I truly enjoy life and appreciate everything I have. Thank you for the clarity.
JV - Physician, Los Angeles


Current Projects


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Miss. Jess
Co-Founder ACCEmpowerment
Medium Spiritual Advisor

(626) 765-7908

Jean Bonnette, CPCC
Co-Founder ACCEmpowerment
Certified Co-Active Coach

(626) 765-7908

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Jean Bonnette, CPCC, ACC
Certified Co-Active Coach

I am a Certified Life Coach with a Master's Degree in Social Work from University of CA Los Angeles.  I have been a medical social worker for 15 years.  My passion in coaching began when I realized that patients needed preventive mental health.  This is how I view the benefits of life coaching, it addresses life stressors before it can manifest as anxiety or depression.

Life Coaching can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. Welcome to the best investments you will ever make. Years ago I was referred to a Life Coach who changed my life. At that moment I knew that this was a turning point. Together we aligned to evaluate my values. This led me to my life purpose. The co-active coaching relationship will hold you in a safe space to look at different perspectives and challenge old habits or old ways of thinking. Together we will create an alliance so you can achieve personal goals and gain greater fulfillment.  My goal is for my clients to live a life full of joy and contentment.

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